Influencer ghosted Logan Paul NFT lawsuit to ‘save six figures’

A crypto influencer who called Logan Paul the “biggest moron I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with” says he avoided a lawsuit from the YouTube star after his lawyers advised him it could turn into an ongoing issue that could cost him millions.

Jake Greenbaum worked with Paul on the controversial NFT CryptoZoo game. The project was a complete failure and led to a series of lawsuits against Paul, Greenbaum, and the project’s team in February 2023.

However, on the same day that Paul offered a buyback plan for investors in January 2024 — an act lawyers suing him called a ‘sneaky trick’ — he also filed a lawsuit against Greenbaum and Eduardo Ilbanez, accusing them of insider trading. 

Greenbaum told the DailyDot his attorney’s advice was to ignore Paul’s lawsuit as “Logan is a very wealthy individual chasing attention and can file 100 counterclaims and lawsuits the minute you respond.”

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Because of this, Greenbaum claimed, “If you default he can’t collect anything from you because you don’t have cars/houses. If you respond it’ll be 6-7 figures in legal and an ongoing case.”

Greenbaum disputes Paul’s accusations, calling them “completely false” and an attempt from Paul to defer any blame

On June 16, a default judgment was submitted against Greenbaum. Paul’s legal team responded by requesting a 90-day discovery period to determine the cost of damages against Paul. They refused to comment on Greenbaum’s legal strategy. 

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