Finland wants to sell $80M in Bitcoin before it’s too late

Finland is finally looking to dump $80 million worth of Bitcoin seized from a dark web drug dealer in 2016.

According to local media Yle (which initially reported the story), Finnish police want to get rid of the crypto as soon as possible — either directly through an exchange or via third-party brokers.

The Scandinavian country wants to offload 1,981 BTC, a stash mostly taken from local drug lord Douppikauppa on their arrest five years ago, when BTC was worth only $580. 

Since then, BTC has exploded by more than 6,700%, inflating the dollar value of Douppikauppa’s crypto from under $1 million to a grundle-punching $66 million.

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Finland’s customs authority was initially hesitant to sell the Bitcoin as they believed it would likely end up with criminals.

However, the chance to profit from the current BTC frenzy has clearly changed their minds — and who can blame them.

[H/T: The Block]

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