Ethereum is now up 750% in the past year — overtaking Tesla

Ethereum entered an unofficial list of top 100 assets in the world after its market value broke $135 billion overnight.

At press time, ETH sits at rank 93 in Infinite Market Cap’s list — a few slots behind oil magnate Shell but ahead of Wall Street’s Wells Fargo and Citibank.

Bitcoin is however beyond all of them. With a $715 billion market value, the original cryptocurrency is now the 11th biggest asset in the world, just shy of Elon Musk’s Tesla.

And while market capitalizations of cryptocurrencies don’t exactly translate to stock valuations, seeing Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside the world’s most recognizable investments just feels right.

Both currencies no doubt owe their positions to historic rallies playing out this very moment.

In fact, ETH and BTC have respectively returned 60% and 30% in the past week, outperforming every one of the 10,000 investments ranked by Infinite Market Cap.

Even zooming out — Ether is now up 750% in the past year, around 10% ahead of Tesla and 360% ahead of Bitcoin.

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BTC just set another price record of $38,444.75, while ETH inches closer to securing its own all-time high, some three years after its previous top.

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