Doctor offered bitcoin to have wife drugged, colleague beaten up

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Washington-based doctor Ronald Craig Ilg has been sentenced to eight years in prison after he tried to get a bitcoin-for-hire hitman to kidnap his estranged wife and break the hands of a former colleague.  

Neonatologist Ilg was willing to pay $2,000 in bitcoin via the dark web to have a fellow doctor “given a significant beating.” He also specified that the assault “should injure both hands significantly or break the hands.”

The former co-worker told the FBI that Ilg may have planned to harm her because he suspected she was involved in a number of workplace complaints against him.

Despite this attack not being carried out, Ilg returned to the dark web a month later with what he called “another, more complicated job.”

Specifically, this second assignment would involve the hitman kidnapping Ilg’s estranged wife in exchange for $60,000 in bitcoin.

The online criminal would then torture Ilg’s wife for one week, injecting her with heroin twice a day until she agreed to return to him and drop a number of court proceedings against him.

One of the requests to the hitman (Via Daily Mail).

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Ilg’s wife filed for divorce in June 2020 when she discovered he was having an affair. She also accused him of becoming increasingly manipulative and threatening, leading her to file a number of restraining orders against him.

Ilg used the moniker “Scar215” to hire the hitman. Unfortunately for him, FBI agents discovered that the username was linked to a Coinbase account set up using his personal details, including his social security number.

Ilg pleaded guilty then wanted a book deal

Ilg was arrested in April, 2021 and initially claimed the hitman was instead hired to kill him. He then sent a letter to a key witness, begging her to marry him in a bid to manipulate her testimony.

Ilg eventually pleaded guilty but not without trying to make himself a quick buck. Shortly after changing his plea, the disgraced medic attempted to sell his story for a book or movie deal. Unsurprisingly, there were no takers.

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In addition to his sentence, Ilg will have to pay $25,000 in restitution and a $100,000 fine. He also faces a further three years of federal supervision after his eventual release. 

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