Bitcoin maxi Greg Foss apologizes for bipolar tirade against Ordinals community

In an emotional meme-worthy rant during the Bitcoin 2023 conference, Bitcoin maxi Greg Foss furiously screamed at Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall for wearing Taproot Wizards costumes and dancing on stage. Conference organizer Bitcoin Magazine had awkwardly scheduled the duo to discuss nascent topics like Ordinals after a somber speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

But Foss’ blood boiled as he blamed ‘Udiots‘ for focusing on Bitcoin topics outside of his preferred goal of hard money.

On Friday, Foss apologized, saying that he’s clinically bipolar and regrets his actions.

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However, despite the apology, Foss hasn’t deleted all of his accusatory tweets. Indeed, evidence still exists of him calling Wertheimer a scammer, rookie trader, profane names, clueless, and of course, his Udi+idiot portmanteau for a Taproot Wizards participant, ‘Udiot.’

After Wertheimer and Wall concluded their on-stage panel discussion, Foss said in a Twitter Spaces, “I can’t believe he wasn’t assaulted.” He further emphasized, “This is a call to action.”

Wertheimer correctly viewed that as a general threat of violence and called it unacceptable.

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Foss is attempting to make a sincere — albeit belated — apology. At publication time, neither Wertheimer nor Wall has tweeted that they accept Foss’ apology.

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