Andrew Left of Citron Research gets torched by GME… again

Andrew Left, the man synonymous with short-selling outfit Citron Research, has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to complain about the ongoing antics of Keith Gill (aka RoaringKitty/DeepFuckingValue).

Left, who successfully shorted Chinese frauds and called out Evergrande years before its eventual collapse, has earned the ire of retail investors since he attempted to short-sell GameStop in 2021 and walked away with a near 100% loss.

In the wake of the 2021 run-up in the price of GameStop stock and the failed attempt to short it, Left — once colloquially known as the ‘Bounty Hunter of Wall Street’ — claimed that his firm would no longer be short-selling, choosing instead to “focus on giving long side multibagger opportunities for individual investors.” It appears as though he’s since abandoned this focus on the long side.

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The definition of insanity

After Left got torched on his GME short in 2021, few expected him to come back to announce another short position on the exact same company this year after it rallied from $10 to $65.

Left announced a short position on May 16 when GameStop was trading around $27. Providing he wasn’t margin called when GME briefly rose to $40, it could turn out that he’s once again in profit. However, considering the tone of Citron Research’s tweets, it seems unlikely.

Left has claimed that Gill likely received outside funding for his huge long position and call options purchases, but has also recently admitted that he doesn’t “think anything [Roaring Kitty] did was illegal.”

Gill’s return has left both GameStop advocates and skeptics scratching their respective heads and many have suggested he’s sold his accounts — albeit without any evidence to prove it. However, it seems more likely that it’s Gill posting and making millions of dollars on longing the same stock he did three years ago.

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