Weibo labels Justin Sun ‘pro-American,’ couldn’t care less about his ban

The few people commenting on TRON founder Justin Sun's ban from government-affiliated Weibo say the move was only a matter of time.

Chinese crypto entrepreneur Justin Sun — founder of the TRON cryptocurrency — is among seven Weibo users confirmed blocked by the government-affiliated social media platform, according to CoinDesk.

Do netizens care? Nope.

The few people commenting on the apparent crypto cull on Chinese social media appear to endorse the idea that Sun is pro-American. They also say cryptocurrencies aren’t to be trusted.

According to Protos’ sources, one of the only recent Weibo posts about Sun mentions Weibo has banned currency trading groups across the platform.

Some feel the move was only a matter of time. There’s likely a few reasons:

  • Censorship of positive posts about Sun, TRON, or crypto in general.
  • Sun maintains residence in the US to seemingly avoid China’s Mainland.
  • He paid $4.5 million to lunch with Warren Buffett two years ago — still a thorn in the side of Chinese nationals.

Government regulators even pressured Sun into apologizing to China after he splashed a small fortune to rub shoulders with the Omaha Oracle.

“I was really fortunate to grow up alongside the rapid development of socialism with Chinese characteristics in our country, as well as reaping dividends from the development of the global blockchain industry,” wrote Sun in 2019 (via Quartz).

“I could say, without the caring and guidance from the regulators, the blockchain industry would not flourish as it does today.”

Justin Sun also apologized for “over-marketing” his TRON blockchain network.

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This also isn’t the first time Weibo has blocked Sun, after he ran into similar problems in 2019.

But this time may be different. A source in China told Protos: “The Chinese government perceives virtual currency markets as being unreliable and unfavorable for ordinary citizens.”

“Justin Sun was a part of that community.”

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