Tesla sold Bitcoin, Holland seized crypto, Coinbase clapped back

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

Dutch police seized $10M in crypto in 2020 — 650% more than 2019

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behind police tape one piece of which is the colours of the Dutch flag

Dutch police seized crypto worth $9.9 million last year as criminals looked to launder money via digital assets during the pandemic.

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Musk accused of pump and dump as Bitcoin sale boosts Tesla earnings

Bitcoin logo and chat bubbles on a smartphone screen with a human face representing Elon Musk

Blogger Dave Portnoy said Musk was using Twitter to inflate Bitcoin’s price before selling it to make a fortune.

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Coinbase hits back at rumors of insiders dumping all their stock

A microphone in Coinbase brand colours and bearing the Coinbase logo, because the company just addressed rumors of execs selling all their stock.

Coinbase posited the rumors and misinformation resulted from onlookers who don’t understand how direct stock listings work.

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International manhunt continues over alleged $2B crypto exchange fraud

Police arrest crypto exchange Thodex' brother and sister in this ongoing saga, as shown by the handcuffs and the wanted poster in this image.

Siblings of crypto exchange Thodex’ founder have reportedly been detained in an ongoing investigation of alleged fraud.

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