NFT bubble bursts, secret Soulja deal, BSC flash forays

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

Soulja Boy tweets $24K pay-to-play deal with SafeMoon clone — then deletes it

Soulja Boy oopsied by tweeting that he stands to net $24,000 if his promotion of a SafeMoon rip-off actually works.

Once-relevant US rapper Soulja Boy tweeted last week that anyone could earn $24,000 by securing enough funds for an ICO with a tweet.

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Crypto traders in China flock to OTC desks despite scrutiny, report

Crypto traders in China aren’t phased by government warnings against investments, says Bloomberg. Now OTC desks are booming.

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The NFT market bubble has popped and we’ve got the charts to prove it

The NFT market bubble has popped and we've got the charts to prove it.

The NFT market has collapsed nearly 90% since the bubble popped last month, and crypto collectibles like CryptoPunks are fading fast.

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Binance Smart Chain hackers made $167M with flash loans, exploits in May

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was heavily raided by flash loan attackers in May.

Binance Smart Chain was May’s flavor of the month for flash loan attacks, but insiders say Polygon could be the next major target.

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