Microsoft crypto scam steals $35K in bitcoin with fake firewall

An Ontario resident lost $35,000 worth of bitcoin to scammers who sold them fake firewall software while pretending to work for Silicon Valley giant Microsoft.

As reported by CTV News, the scam began with a pop-up on the unnamed victim’s computer that told them to call the number shown to update their virus protection. They did as instructed and were connected to a scammer who claimed to work for the software company and subsequently persuaded them to install what they believed to be a new firewall.

The following day, the Adelaide Metcalfe resident received a call from another supposed Microsoft employee who claimed to be checking up on their newly-installed software. During the call, the ’employee’ gained remote access to the target’s computer and banking details.

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They then explained that a deposit had accidentally been made to their bank account and that they would need to pay it back in bitcoin. The victim complied and sent $35,000 to the scam crypto wallet

According to the London Free Press, no arrests have been made and the investigation into the scam is ongoing. 

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