Miami penthouse most expensive US property sold for crypto on record

A Miami penthouse recently sold for $22.5 million worth of cryptocurrency.

A Miami penthouse overlooking the beach is the most expensive US property knowingly sold for crypto, reports Forbes.

The 5,067 square foot lower penthouse sits on the ninth floor of the 12 story luxury lot in Arte’s Surfside Miami.

It has access to a meditation pond and rooftop tennis court.

The property fetched $22.5 million worth of cryptocurrency in a sale reportedly recorded on May 27.

The buyer and crypto they accepted weren’t disclosed.

  • The four-bedroom Miami penthouse is now worth $4,000 per square foot.
  • Processing the deal took around 10 days.
  • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are upstairs neighbors.
Arte Surfside promo video courtesy of Arte.

In mid-May, Florida-based Arte announced it would take crypto after partnering with digital securities platform SolidBlock — which specializes in fractionalized real estate assets.

“Real-world crypto transactions haven’t made their way fully into the mainstream yet, so it’s clear that top holders around the world pay attention when new opportunities to transact open up,” said developer Alex Sapir (via Forbes, our emphasis).

US home sold for Bitcoin long before Miami penthouse

In 2017, the first ever UK homes sold for Bitcoin changed hands for £350,000 ($496,000) and £595,000 ($844,000), according to The Times.

The Bitcoin amounts weren’t revealed, but it’s estimated those houses were respectively worth about 24 BTC ($828,000) and 40 BTC ($1.38 million) at time of sale.

The US real estate market welcomed Bitcoin payments three years earlier. A Lake Tahoe Property in 2014 sold for 2,379 BTC ($1.6 million then, $81.9 million now).

Bitcoiners have long offered houses for crypto.

Miami penthouses aside, the Florida capital is really attempting to embrace Bitcoin.

Recently, thousands flocked to Miami for a major Bitcoin conference — the first since the pandemic — while the city’s mayor sports laser eyes.

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