Client selfies and data stolen from bankrupt Bitcoin ATM firm, hackers claim

Unidentified hackers say they have stolen 70,000 customer photos and the private information of 300,000 clients of Coin Cloud, a recently bankrupt Bitcoin ATM provider.

Coin Cloud operated in the US and Brazil until it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in February. It owned over 4,000 machines, The Block reports, but “business difficulties and legal problems” led to a loss of $40 million by September 2022. Its CEO at the time told the Wall Street Journal that it owes bankrupt crypto lender Genesis Global $116 million. Attempts to secure new financing failed.

Along with selfies, the hacking group has accessed Social Security numbers, names, addresses, dates of birth, occupations, phone numbers, and more private data of Coin Cloud’s US and Brazil-based customers. It also claims to have taken the firm’s source code to its entire backend.

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As noted by X users, customers of Coin Cloud should take precautions in the event that the unidentified hackers have indeed stolen their information. While Protos has not confirmed the reports, customers “should beware of social engineering scams,” one X user commented.

“Just imagine the potential for future fraud with this info,” another wrote. “All of these folks should lock their accounts down.”

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