Public stocks like Tesla and Square gain $5B on their Bitcoin

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Publicly traded stocks like Tesla and Square are up over $5 billion on their Bitcoin investments.

According to Bitcoin Treasuries, public companies have so far together spent $3 billion to acquire 151,919 BTC — worth $8 billion at current prices.

  • Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy spent $1.15 billion on 71,079 BTC (now worth $3.9 billion).
  • Tesla’s up 70% on its 48,000 BTC (bought for $1.5 billion, now worth $2.5 billion).
  • Canada’s Galaxy Digital is third, having bought 16,402 BTC for $134 million — now worth just under $900 million.

Jack Dorsey’s fintech Square gets a notable mention. The firm behind Cash App spent $50 million on 4,709 BTC last October — now it’s worth $250 million, a 400% increase in five months.

It should be noted these figures only make sense if the companies have held their Bitcoin. Public stocks often disclose asset sales months after the fact.

In any case, investors in crypto-specific stocks like Voyager Digital, Riot Blockchain, and Marathon Patent Group are even better off.

Bitcoin’s historic rallies have pushed their share prices up thousands of percent over the past year.

For scale, Bitcoin itself is up around 480% while the S&P 500 has gained 15%.

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But while Tesla’s Bitcoin buy captured the world’s attention, the influence of BTC’s volatility could be more apparent in MicroStrategy’s share price.

After all, more than 40% of MicroStrategy’s market value is directly derived from its Bitcoin stash. If Bitcoin corrects — so might MSTR stock.

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