Christie’s sets $100 starting bid for historic Beeple NFT auction

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Beeple, the digital artist behind zombie Mark Zuckerberg and a flesh-eating Baby Yoda, is about to make history.

New York auction house Christie’s will welcome bids for one of Beeple’s blockchain-powered NFTs later this month — the first ever fully-digital artwork sold by a major auction house.

Between 25 February and 11 March, Christie’s is accepting bids for Everydays: The First 5000 Days, a collage of the artist’s daily work released since May 2007.

Everydays: The First 5,000 Days by Beeple (Christie’s)

To mark the historic sale, the NFT’s issuer MakerPlace will host a Month of Digital Art Drops featuring some of the world’s leading digital artists.

Introducing Beeple

Tom Hanks Beats the Shit out of Coronavirus by Beeple, sold for $107,000.

Christie’s auctioned its first NFTs last year — a 40-piece portrait of Satoshi by artist Benjamin Gentilli under project name Robert Alice.

However, Robert Alice’s pieces were auctioned with corresponding physical artworks.

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The NFT market is booming and shows little sign of slowing down. Total NFT sales are rapidly approaching $100 million and more than 70,000 pieces have been sold to-date.

Christie’s is offering Everydays… with an unknown estimate value and bids will start at just $100.

Considering Beeple’s profile and the prices of his previous projects, it’s likely this piece will fetch a whole lot more.

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