UK judge lets Wright take educational Bitcoin site to court over whitepaper

A UK court really might weigh in on who actually invented Bitcoin, after Craig Wright achieved a small legal victory.

Craig Wright has been accused of “trying to abuse UK courts” after judges gave him the go-ahead to continue legal action against educational website

The Bitcoin site was among a number of portals that openly defied Wright after he threatened to sue anyone hosting the Bitcoin whitepaper back in January.

However,’s pseudonymous operator Cøbra may or may not be based in the UK, and the ambiguity has left Wright unable to pursue his claim, reports The Guardian.

UK law states a claimant must obtain permission from the court to serve a defendant outside the United Kingdom.

However, in a minor victory for Wright, the UK High Court ruled the infamous Australian can serve Cøbra in the United States.

The move could force Cøbra into answering Wright in court, and even may result in judges deciding whether Wright really invented Bitcoin.

  • Wright says he penned the Bitcoin whitepaper in October 2008.
  • More than 100 sites were listed in a Bitcoin whitepaper repository shortly after.
  • Wright claims he’s the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto but has given no concrete proof.

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Cøbra would trade pseudonymity to protect Nakamoto name from Wright

Despite these latest developments, Cøbra appears to be sticking to their guns.

In an email sent to Reuters, they said: “We’ve been threatened to take down the Bitcoin [whitepaper] by someone who obviously isn’t the inventor of Bitcoin.”

“Seems like he’s trying to abuse the UK courts to make them try to censor the [whitepaper] and harass small websites like us providing education content with his behavior,” added Cøbra.

Cøbra also tweeted he’d be willing to give up their pseudonymity if it meant defending Bitcoin’s open source principles.

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