Microsoft cans blockchain, sad NFT auction, Bitcoin hungry hackers

Listen to the most important stories in Bitcoin and crypto covered by our newsroom in the past week.

SEC chief: Crypto exchanges need a regulator for market manipulation

SEC chief Gary Gensler said the US should consider regulating crypto exchanges to reduce market manipulation and fraud. Everything else is protected, but Bitcoin isn't, as shown by the BTC outside the jar in this image.

No US agency directly regulates crypto exchanges ‘and thus there’s no protection against fraud or manipulation,’ explained SEC chief Gensler.

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Hacker crew hungry for Bitcoin says it regrets cyberattack on US fuel lines

Colonial Pipelines is being held for ransom by hacker crew DarkSide, presumably crypto Bitcoin payments would unlock their systems!

DarkSide’s ransomware attack on Colonial Pipelines is ‘the most significant and successful’ known attack on US energy infrastructure.

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NFT collector shares sad videos of Christie’s $17M CryptoPunk auction

A CryptoPunk style drawing of a pair of eyes moving back and forth after a NFT collector was left disappointed.

NFT collector Gmoney left unimpressed. “Hiding them in the corners with no markings doesn’t really convince me you’re taking them seriously.”

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Microsoft cans Azure Blockchain, pushes users to Ethereum’s ConsenSys

A plug being pulled from a structure of three cubes representing Microsoft Azure Blockchain

Microsoft says its Azure blockchain-as-a-service product will go kaput in September, giving customers four months to find a replacement.

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