Crypto mining stock founder pushes psychedelics with 5th public listing

This shows is psychedelics like magic mushrooms going into a jar.

Another venture co-founded by Argo Blockchain’s Jonathan Bixby is preparing to go public: Clarify Pharma, an investment fund for psychedelics.

Clarify Pharma is expected to IPO on London-based Aquis stock exchange (AQSE), which caters to relatively risky and budding tech stocks.

Clarify Pharma is looking to raise £5 million ($7 million) in the sale, according to Yahoo! Finance, and the company will specialize in medical psychedelic startups.

Bixby’s new investment fund specifically for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) — creatively named NFT Investments — listed on AQSE in April.

In fact, Clarify Pharma is Bixby’s fifth company to go public, after crypto mining firm Argo Blockchain debuted on LSE in August 2018.

  • Guild Esports listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE) last October.
  • Cannabis skincare brand Cellular Goods went public on AQSE in February.
  • Decentralized finance fund Dispersion opened trade on AQSE in late April.

Bixby also co-founded crypto trading platform Motto Technologies — however that company never went public and is now defunct.

Bixby told Yahoo! he believes that psychedelics startups could one day solve anxiety and depression; “what I think is the largest health crisis we are going to have in our lifetime besides Type 2 diabetes.”

Bixby resigned from psychedelics director position

It’s worth noting too the UK’s regulatory database shows Bixby has resigned from director positions at all five listed entities.

Bixby left Argo Blockchain in May 2019 after a board dispute, and docs show he resigned from his psychedelics stock Clarify Pharma in February 2021.

As for crypto mining stock Argo Blockchain — the company’s share price is up nearly 3,000% over the past year.

Timis was later appointed an Argo Blockchain board member. It’s unclear whether he remains a significant shareholder.

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Argo Blockchain also just reported £1.9 million profit ($2.7 million) last year. The company suffered a £700,000 ($1 million) loss in 2019.

Argo Blockchain is the only public Bixby stock that’s up over the past year.

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Update 18:21, May 10: Corrected profit figures in paragraph 12.

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